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Safety Tips

Cyber Safety for Kids
Involves parents choosing online services that provide parental blocking feature
Blocking software
Monitoring of online time

Auto Theft Protection Tips
Lock doors and windows
Park in well lit areas
Never leave valuables in distinct view

ATM Safety
Always be alert
Keep doors locked
Take a friend
Keep your secret code a secret
Leave when your transaction is complete
If you feel uncomfortable at a location, go to another location

Traffic Tips
Wear your seatbelt
Don't drink and drive
Never drive when you're upset or distracted
Obey traffic laws

Firearms Safety
If you are a child [don't touch, leave the area, tell an adult]
Always assume your gun is loaded
Store your firearm away from unauthorized personnel
Keep your firearms locked up
Never hand someone a firearm without locking the slide to the rear
Teach your children about the difference between real and play guns

Home Security Vacation Check
Lock all doors, windows and garage door
Place lights or audio device like TV or radio on a timer
Adjust blinds and draperies to make house look occupied
Notify Police Department and arrange security check
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Obtain a Copy of a Crash Report
Obtain a Copy of a Crash Report

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Police Department Job Opportunities

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