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Permit Fees

Descriptions Fee
All Construction Residential and Non-Residential Fee Shall be $0.35 per square foot for all finished area, including carport or garage areas. There shall be a minimum fee for all construction of $40.00.
Plumbing Fee Shall be at rate of $10.00 for each plumbing fixture or plumbing device. There shall be a minimum fee of $40.00.
Plan-Review Fee Shall be equal to one-half of the building permit. Such plan-checking fee is in addition to the building permit fee.
Moving Fee $150.00 for any building
Demolition Fee $100.00 0 up to 100,000 cu. ft.; plus $1.00 for each additional 1000 cu. ft. or fraction thereof.
Sign Fee Shall be $0.35 per square. There shall be a minimum fee of $40.00.

Where work for which a permit is required by the Town of Dover is started or proceeded prior to obtaining said permit, the fees herein specified may be increased by one hundred percent (100%), but the payment of such fee shall not relieve any persons from fully complying with the requirements of codes adopted by the Town of Dover, in the execution of the work nor from any other penalties prescribed herein.


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